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                  EM tick collars             

The tick collar are made with 12mm silicone beads and EM ceramics (Effective microorganisms). The silicone beads are very light, colorfast, toxin free and saliva-resistant. 

EM ceramics are said to protect against parasites and ticks, but this has not been proven, which is why we cannot provide any guarantees. It seems to work differently from dog to dog, you have to try it out.

In any case, it's a nice accessory!


The tick collar is worn in addition to the collar and should therefore sit loosely. You can adjust the length by about 5 cm with the stopper.

Please note that the tick collar is NOT intended for attaching the leash! 


Care: The EM ceramics are reactivated by holding the collar under water about every 2 weeks  and then lay in the sun to dry.

                                       - The delivery time for the tick collars is approx. 7 days -

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