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Dear customers,


My name is Pascale and I am accompanied by 3 wonderful dogs, 1 Chocolate Labrador and 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

It all began in 2009 with Mocca, my little Labrador lady and Kimba, my first Rhodesian Ridgeback girl followed in 2011. At this time we used to live in Wimbledon. Since 2014 we are back in Germany.

Both inspired me to call my shop "KimbaMocca", which is now online since 2011.

Since July 2017 Dayo, a great Livernose Ridgeback boy has joined the family and it feels complete now.


Once I walked a busy road with Mocca when suddenly the plastic buckle of her collar broke. Thank god nothing happened. But I learnt that I need  better quality dog collars,  so I started to create my own ones.


That was the beginning of "KimbaMocca®".


Enjoy browsing through my website and I hope you'll like what you see.




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